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BOSS is out!

2014-07-10 12:30:25 by Impkid

My new short is FINISHED!

God! feels good to say that, it took me a very long time to finish it. And I've learned a lot in the process... my priorities have changed too. Now i want to aim to work in a professional studio, helping to make a series. Making cartoons for the internet will always be fun!! but, it's to much work to do it alone, and they never have the level of quality you are aiming for.

My next project it's called Limbo (for now), and it's gonna be the pilot of a series. I'm working in the characters now, designing and writing them. I think i will take my time on this one.

I hope you enjoy BOSS


My demo reel

2013-04-11 20:47:06 by Impkid

I'm looking for a stable incom as animator and right now i'm giving my first steps.THE FIRST OF ALL!!! is showing my demo reel.
So, dudes duddets if you're interested in my work PM me ;D

Marmota Studio!!!

2013-03-27 20:35:14 by Impkid

Hi guys and gals, i came to bring you MARMOTA STUDIO!!
A few months ago i got in contact with this awesome indie chilean animation studio called "Marmota Studio".
They started a youtube channel, and to date they are producing new fresh material each month! Watch some of them, if you like them SUSCRIBE!! They are brave enough to produce original content each month and i can assure you they're gonna be huge!!!

Here you got a couple of their shorts!

And here is their youtube channel e=watch

Marmota Studio!!!

Sketch madness! follow me on Tumblr

2012-12-08 14:06:53 by Impkid

I'm being a lot more active on tumblr lately, posting sketches, studies and excercises everyday. So follow me if you like my stuff, there is a lot of projects coming up.

Sketch madness! follow me on Tumblr

Youtube Channel

2012-09-28 00:31:00 by Impkid

Hi guys here is my new Youtube Channel, by the moment it only has a few of my best animations, but in a few weeks i will be uploading the first episode of my upcoming series "Eight Melodies" a Earthbound tribute animation series.

Also, i take this oportunity to make an open call. I'm in search of a talented and motivated background artist to be a part of my team, so if anyone is interested in working with me, you can pm me anytime. I'm Also searching for a talented voice actress for her to make the role of Paula in the series, this is one of my priorities so if anyone is interested please send me a pm.

Youtube Channel


2012-09-16 16:07:24 by Impkid

Hi everyone! i bring to you PANDAMAN!!

Pandaman is a webcomic made by my pal Edson Pereira, it's full of action and funny moments. Years ago Eds began to make this comic in the pages of his notebooks now it's got it's own webpage, but it hasn't reached so many audience, so i thought in giving it a little push.

Pandaman tells the story of a group of mercenaries leaded by pandaman, the most greedy and enigmatic superbeing of this bizarre world. Full of charismatic characters and powerfull enemies Pandaman and his friends will go after every superhero's dream... fame, i mean money... no! i mean world peace... no wait, money, definitely money.

So, everyone go! check out Pandaman.


Knowledge is Power

2012-04-16 00:28:45 by Impkid

Is finished at last, the same day that Starbarians was uploaded by my unnoficial mentor Harry Patridge, is an honor to be in the same award competition. Thank you newgrounds for the 3rd place Trophy.

Here it is!

The links at the end of my animation ain't working so here they are, please check them out and add me ;D


Knowledge is Power

Good bye Edd we will miss you

2012-03-28 13:50:32 by Impkid

Me and a friend discovered Edd's cartoons a few years ago, instantly we became fans of his works... i knew about his struggle with cancer... but i thought he would be fine.. this was a horrible shock. Here in chile Edd's cartoons has no many fans, only because the mayority of this stupid morons don't understand english ... i hope someday i could make a fandub of his cartoons so his work can reach new audience... good bye edd i will keep seeing you, in your cartoons.

Knowledge is power preview

2012-01-15 00:23:14 by Impkid

This is the preview of my new animation proyect in which I have spent three months working on, it has been very tough but, im sure i can finish it, this animation has many influences and explores multiple concepts, such as human nature and evolution.

In a world where these beings called "homeless" are fated to extintion, a knowledge entity decides to intervene, but this might not be a wise choice

Knoledge is power: Characters

2011-11-22 11:40:57 by Impkid

Here are the characters of my new animation; Knowledge is power, "The Homeless" "Archimedes" and "Bearwolf" These names are just for the record, because it will be a mute animation, just music and maybe some sfx

Knoledge is power: Characters