Marmota Studio!!!

2013-03-27 20:35:14 by Impkid

Hi guys and gals, i came to bring you MARMOTA STUDIO!!
A few months ago i got in contact with this awesome indie chilean animation studio called "Marmota Studio".
They started a youtube channel, and to date they are producing new fresh material each month! Watch some of them, if you like them SUSCRIBE!! They are brave enough to produce original content each month and i can assure you they're gonna be huge!!!

Here you got a couple of their shorts!

And here is their youtube channel e=watch

Marmota Studio!!!


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2013-03-27 23:23:37

I think Marmota Studio is in newgrounds as well =D... if I'm not mistaken.

Impkid responds:

Yes, they're on frontpage now, it's awesome. Now they're gonna start posting their cartoons frequently! i hope they reach a great audience!


2013-03-28 01:34:44

Beautiful!! This is all very good work as well. I'm excited to see updates from this studio. Put in a good word for me, eh? Hehe.

Impkid responds:

Of course my man, in fact searching for english voice actors and i already told them about you. By the way bro, i need to tell you about something, (big project comming up) send you a PM.


2013-03-28 05:28:46

Well know that I know they have a proven backlog of great animations... went to the FP and faved them just now. Always glad to welcome dedicated animators to NG!