Entry #15

BOSS is out!

2014-07-10 12:30:25 by Impkid

My new short is FINISHED!

God! feels good to say that, it took me a very long time to finish it. And I've learned a lot in the process... my priorities have changed too. Now i want to aim to work in a professional studio, helping to make a series. Making cartoons for the internet will always be fun!! but, it's to much work to do it alone, and they never have the level of quality you are aiming for.

My next project it's called Limbo (for now), and it's gonna be the pilot of a series. I'm working in the characters now, designing and writing them. I think i will take my time on this one.

I hope you enjoy BOSS



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2014-07-10 12:42:37

that was really well done; nice job, yo!

Impkid responds:

Thank you brah!


2014-07-10 12:49:15

I enjoyed it and can relate to it! Theres nothing like being your own boss!

Impkid responds:

Definitely dude, one day... i know it's possible.


2014-07-12 02:42:22

Great job man. Love it.

Impkid responds:

Finally we got to work on something xD. Thank you Odell. I have to add the images and extra credits to the youtube version, then i'll upload it there.


2014-07-12 15:07:59

Great job, nice story, nice character design, great fluid animation!! love it


2014-07-14 13:45:52

Man, that was awesome! I really want to see what your next project looks like!


2014-07-15 03:38:45

Uh, yeah. YEAH! YES. Yes I enjoyed it. I really liked it. A lot.


2014-11-08 16:16:21

Nice job!


2015-02-19 19:22:02

Your animations are superb! Please give me some more animations to fan girl over.